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Facebook Automation (5.8, 5.9, 6.0 and up to latest version) by SnaWare is a Facebook automation, scheduler, and autoposting software mostly used by internet marketers this day. It’s a very useful application because it can do a hell lots of stuffs like auto group posting, group searching, joining, leaving, and the same as pages too. It can also send massive amount of PMs to users, it can scrape facebook user, page, group IDs, and more.

The difference of this Facebook Autoposting software from others is that uses a real browser in the background when autoposting. The behaviour of this said application is like a real human since it has a highly adjustable settings, proxy is also supported to improve your anonymity.

Here’s how it works:

  • Simulator Mode
    Uses a real browser in the background which makes facebook feels like you are a real human surfing the web.
  • App ID Mode
    Uses the Facebook’s developer options which is supported by the App ID.
  • Token Mode
    Self explanatory.

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Reasons Why You Should use this tool?

  • You control every move you will do unlike any other softwares that just spams facebook and risks your account from Ban and Restrictions of FB Jail
  • Highly Adjustable settings for elevated human like behaviour.
  • Always updated, because facebook patches everything quickly, the software should be updated everytime FB do a patch to a certain hole.
  • Simplistic, compact and lighweight but very powerful tool.
  • Internet marketing friendly. Used by many internet marketing people out there.

But Facebook Automation by SnaWare is very expensive and is worth $40 as of this date, for this reason, we provided a crack version of it with its corresponding premium activation key for FREE UPGRADE!!

How To Install Facebook Automation Crack + Key

  • Download the file using one of the links provided above.
  • For RAR files, extract it first using WinRAR file archiver/extractor.
  • For .exe files, just double click it to run the set up wizard.
  • Finish it and proceed.
  • Run the FB autoposting tool launcher a pop up box will appear, do not close it.
  • Open the READ ME.txt file and then find the activation key there.
  • Put it on the pop up box and then proceed.
  • Enjoy your upgraded version for FREE!!!

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