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Gather Proxy is a software owned by a company called Ntweb which is now officially called SnaWare as their brand new company name. They are a group of people (company) developing very helpful softwares for internet marketing, research, automation and more. They are elite based on my experience since I already used their tools in the past 2 years and they’re good!

Now defining Gather Proxy, it is a light weight, compact but very powerful piece of software for scraping public proxies automatially within minutes only! No more copy pasting of IPs and Ports all you need to do is just click the start button and it will automatically scrape elite and any type of proxies then after that check it also automatically by itself.

Public proxies on the web sucks, that’s why Gather Proxy is born, to filter everything and only scrape the working and fastest ones. You can also check whether what type of proxy you want, if it is SSL enabled or Google passed, Elite or anonymous or transparent, SOCKS, name it! You can even check the results if they are blacklisted or not!


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How  To Install GatherProxy 2016?

  • First, download the file on the link provided on this article.
  • If it is a RAR file, extract it first using WinRAR or any file extractor you have there.
  • If it is a EXE file, just double click it to proceed for the setup wizard
  • Finish the setup wizard for proper setup.
  • Run the software, a pop up box will appear.
  • Open the READ ME txt file and find the activation key.
  • Copy one and put it on the pop up box you saw.
  • Enjoy your upgraded version of GatherProxy for free!

Please make sure that you have a .NET framework in your PC installed. You need this file to run the said software.

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