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Avast Antivirus also known as ‘Avast Free Antivirus’ is considered the leading and best computer malware and virus protection in the world as of the day this article is written. Number one hottest PC protection software on CNET with over a hundred downloads already so you know there’s too many people out there giving their trust on this piece of tool that will help prevent your device from getting infected of unwanted malicious files.

Avast Features that you might like are:

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  • A Better Interface
    If good and user friendly interface is what you want then rest assured that this one has the cutting edge. Even better this 2016 like they already added an intuitive images and labels that automatically animates each and everytime you hover into it. Stop using your crappy AV today and move to Avast.
  • More Support on Options Settings
    Have a better personalization on how and what way this AV operates. Has an easy to use Toggle button that disable enable a certain settings.
  • Free Syncing Password Manager
    Easily create master password protection! This software also has chrome and firefox extension that will give you ease on filling up forms and submissions (autofill). Etc.
  • System Software Updater
    We all know that outdated programs and applications on your computer can put your data at risk from malicious activity specially hackers, unupdated programs opens yourself from security threats. Well guess what! Avast Antivirus 2016 can scan your PC for outdated applications so you can update it and prevents the system from being infected easily.

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Rated five star among security programs, this AV is labeled as fast, accurate, multi purpose and top notch without slowing your device down. However, the price is too expensive for a normal guy for just a piece of it. Subscription can go up to $70! For this reason, we decided to make a cracked version of it with it’s dedicated License / Activation Serial Key so you can enjoy it’s full version without spending money from your pocket. Get it for FREE!

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